How can I get my router password if I forgot ?

Being able to access your router is always a helpful option. You can boost the security of your router by changing the access password so that no freeloaders can surf on your connection. You can also set access control and also forward ports. Mostly all routers come with a default username and password. But it is advised to change the default username and password of your router to make it more secured and protected but…

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Smart Device Loses Connection to Network

Is your smart device loses connection to network unexpectedly? For example, while you are away from your computer or your screensaver kicks in or you don’t use your internet for a while. There often seems to be no reasons behind wifi connections that drop off randomly.  Dropped internet connections are very common and thankfully, their solutions do exist. However, before determining the solutions of dropping internet connections, you need to understand what might be the causes of…

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Firmware Update Failed

If you have tried upgrading the firmware of your router but failed to update it then there could be many reasons why your router’s firmware upgrading fails. Before jumping to the reasons, it is important to understand what the router’s firmware is and why is it important to upgrade the router firmware. What the router’s firmware is? The firmware of the router is primarily the operating system which is particularly designed to run on a specific model of…

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